22nd February 2016



Almost 20 years of experience in system design on the space operations sector give us the means to minimise your resources utilisation and achieve your goals.

Past experience includes:
ESA lunar explorer SMART-1 Science planning and operations
ESA lunar explorer SMART-1 AMIE camera operations
ESA Venus Express Science Operations
ESA Venus Express VMC camera operations
Rosetta Comet Mission Science Operations

Current Projects:
ESA Jupiter spacecraft JUICE
ESA Mars Express camera VMC
Bern Institute of Anatomie fish facility information management
Tampere University of Technology pipeline 








Implementation of operational systems and operations support

Out engineering expertise allows us to work on the operations floor. Either by helping setting up your operational system or provide you with engineers to preform the demanding operational tasks.

Past experience includes:
ESA SMART-1 Science Planning and Operations
ESA SMART-1 AMIE Science Operations
ESA VEX Science Operations
ESA VEX VMC Science Operations
ESA ROSETTA Science Operations

Current Projects: